Get down on your knees, humble yourself before the Lord and be sincere in all that you say. Let out anything and everything, giving all you have to Jesus. He is the Savior of the world that suffered an agonizing death so you can have life, of which He freely gives to you now.

Lord Jesus, thank you that through your promises I am able to come before you now. I may not know how to say all that I feel and want to release to you, but I pray that you might send your Holy Spirit upon me and hear the groaning of my spirit as I approach your throne of grace, humble and broken.
I am here before you, Jesus, to hand my life to you, to cry out to you in my anguish and cast my cares upon you. I beg forgiveness, O Lord, for I am a sinner and I am suffering in my sin. The burdens of this life are destroying me from the depths of my soul and I know there is no relief without you. You have taken the sins of the world upon yourself and have died in my place that I might have Life, giving me the promise of eternal life.

Today, my King, my God and Savior, I confess my belief in you as the Son of God, who died a suffering death upon the cross for my sins and was raised again the third day. I confess my sins to you, my Redeemer, casting them at your feet and begging forgiveness, that you might wash me in your blood and cleanse me from my transgressions.(Confess every sin to God that you can think of, and when you have no more to say ask Him to look into your heart and convict you even from the depths you can’t see or reach.)

I accept your promises today and claim victory in your Holy Name. Show me your ways, minister to me your truths, instill upon me immeasurable faith, hope and Love. Fill me, Lord, with your Holy Spirit and guide me in your will. Walk with me Jesus, and show me how to walk in your Word.

Thank you for your sacrifice, my Lord. Thank you for loving me. Guide me in your love that I might love the same as you. Show me how to serve you and others and go before me, my Deliverer, that I not stumble as I run to you. Set me free my King and my God!
In the Almighty Name of Jesus Christ, my Savior, I humbly pray.

Congratulations! You have just given your life to Jesus and your name is now written in the Book of Life, having received the promise of eternal salvation! Hallelujah! Praise Jesus!
Whats next? Don’t stop seeking God, this is NOT where it ends!! There is so much more to being a Christian and knowing God. Seek Him out!  Please, seek a church grounded in the Word and SEEK GOD.